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Laparoscopic Distal Splenopancreatectomy 4K definition

Laparoscopic atypical liver resection S3-S4b for colorectal lever metastasis

Whipple procedure with common hepatic artery and superior mesenteric vein resection

Left Extended Hepatectomy to S5 S8 associated with anterior patch of vena cava in patient with urese

Combination of natural Appleby tachnique associated with arterial liver transplant reconstruction

Hepato-Biliary Surgery: for a few, but not for all

Pancreasectomia distale lapaoroscopica sec. Kimura

Splenopancreasectomia distale associata a gastrectomia subtotale con linfoadenctomia D2

"Tailor-made" management of the pancreatic stump after Whipple procedure

DCP Anterior Approach Duct to Duct Anastomosis

DCP Chimica Artery First Approach

Resezione Anatomica Lobo Caudato S1 S9 per Angioma Epatico fissurato

Emicolectomia Destra Laparoscopica in paziente con BMI 30

Emicolectomia destra VLS

Duodenocefalopancreasectomia con Anastomosi Pancreato-Digiunale Telescopica

Gastrectomia subtotale con linfoadenectomia D2 per adenocarcinoma antro gastrico

Epatectomia sinistra con linfoadenectomia iloepatico per adenocarcinoma della colecisti

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